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Stop Blaming Gluten

Stop Blaming Gluten: What is it that you’re Really Allergic to? So you’ve gone ahead and you’ve decided to eliminate gluten from your diet. You know the foods to avoid and you make regular visits to the gluten free aisle at your local grocery … [Read more]

What Makes North Americans Different To Much of The World

What Makes North Americans Different To Much Of The World Well I have been thinking a lot about Sochi and Russia and the difference between North Americans and Much of the World. I could sit and write about it at length. But yesterday I was on … [Read more]

Alkaline Or Acid Food & Water Which One?

Alkaline or Acid Which  One Should We Pay Attention To? We constantly hear we should attempt to make our bodies more alkaline. People spend thousands of dollars to buy household water alkalizing machines to make their house water alkaline. There are … [Read more]

The Fats You Need For A Healthy Diet

We need certain fats for our limbs, brain and organs to work well. I found the article below an interesting one with regards to the History of Fats in North America. It seems that a healthy fat is defined as whatever the manufacturers or government … [Read more]

Are You Acidic? How Acidity Affects Weight

Acidity is the thing that ultimately kills us all.  Coffee is the most acid item we normally  drink and alcohol runs a fairly good second.  Meat is high in acicity and so as we get older it is recommended that we limit red meat consumption.  Dr. Oz … [Read more]