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Square Foot Garden Save Your Veggie Money

Lots of greens

Do You Square Foot Garden? Spring is almost here and I am behind already. I have a list of new foods I want to try in my vegy garden efforts and I haven’t started sourcing the seeds yet. Last spring I heard about the square foot gardening phenomenon. It’s been around for years but it [...]

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Monarch Butterflies Raised In Your Backyard

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

  Raising Monarch Butterflies When I was a kid I used to love having a Monarch Butterfly come sit on my hand or shoulder.  A few days back I was thinking about Monarch’s and noting how rarely I ever see them anymore.  While I had assumed pecticide use was one MAJOR issue affecting Monarchs I [...]

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Thoughts On What Really Causes Cancer

OpenClips / Pixabay

  Thoughts On What Really Causes Cancer I have always been a believer that our thoughts in time become our words and our words and thoughts ultimately over time become our reality. While growing up my mother constantly talked about Cancer.  The religious group she was affiliated with seemed to be full of cancer and [...]

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Rules of Reciprocity Free Art and Gluten Free

Gluten Free Grocery List

  Rules of Reciprocity Free Art and Gluten Free I came home late last night and crashed on the couch promptly falling asleep. A few hours later when I awoke there was a program on the PBS World station about a pair of Artists. Not sure what city, probably New York but they had devised [...]

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Stop Blaming Gluten

bread full of gluten

Stop Blaming Gluten: What is it that you’re Really Allergic to? So you’ve gone ahead and you’ve decided to eliminate gluten from your diet. You know the foods to avoid and you make regular visits to the gluten free aisle at your local grocery store. You know all about cross contamination and you also know [...]

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What Makes North Americans Different To Much of The World

What Makes North Americans Different To Much Of The World Well I have been thinking a lot about Sochi and Russia and the difference between North Americans and Much of the World. I could sit and write about it at length. But yesterday I was on Facebook and someone posted this video below to my [...]

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Alkaline Or Acid Food & Water Which One?

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

Alkaline or Acid Food and Water Which should it be. For years the holistic health community has been telling us to get our bodies more and more alkaline to avoid or cure major diseases. Is this the correct information?

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The Fats You Need For A Healthy Diet

Cancer Free Healthy Lifestyle

Fats You Need For A Healthy Diet

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Are You Acidic? How Acidity Affects Weight


Acidity is the thing that ultimately kills us all.  Coffee is the most acid item we normally  drink and alcohol runs a fairly good second.  Meat is high in acicity and so as we get older it is recommended that we limit red meat consumption.  Dr. Oz if famous for recommending the reduction of red [...]

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Can Eating Real Food Cost You Less In the Long Run

Raw Food Granola

With the cost of a whole meal at Mc Donald’s averaging $5-$7.00 many people think that eating quality food is too expensive. Take just a minute and look at this video showing you how Eating well can be much less than you thought over the long run. – Eating Better Can Cost LESS [...]

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